Venetian hotel ...dazzling Christmas tree fashioned out of cotton candy? Cosmopolitan installs ice rink & lodge!

The prettiest Christmas tree on the Vegas strip is undoubtedly the one that the Venetian Hotel erected at the edge of the canal. 

 Up close, I inspected the bulbs to fathom their secret. The large glass bulbs feature three or four small multi-colored bulbs inside with a see-through snowflake etched on the surface. 

 As pedestrians stroll towards the tree after night falls, the eye-catching decoration appears to be fashioned out of cotton candy! For the first time this year, I heard a cashier wish a customer Merry Christmas yesterday. 


 It's not even Thanksgiving and the festive holiday season is underway. 
 Tattler readers may recall that I reported that the Cosmopolitan is installing an ice rink - based fashioned after a rustic lodge theme - on the pool deck on the second floor overlooking the high-energy glitzy strip. 

 I expect that all the competition will be jumping on the band wagon. Stay posted for updates.