Cosmopolitan Hotel (Las Vegas)...launches Skating Rink and festive theme nights!

The ultra chic and oh-so-trendy Cosmopolitan is launching an ice skating rink on the pool deck on November 22nd.

Management is also installing fire pits, wood benches - and a slew of heart-warming decorating effects - to create a cozy environment reminiscent of a rustic old lodge out in the sticks

In addition to the outdoor sport, the Hotel has rustled up a roster of weekly events sure to appeal, such Date Skate Mondays. Management promises to screen old classic films such as "Miracle on 34th Street" during the romantic event.

Bartenders will be serving up specialty drinks which include a yummy cocktail known as the Campfire Delight. Ingredients consist of Dutch Chocolate Vodka, creme de cacao, and marshmallow.

Locals will be able to obtain day passes at discounted prices.

Although there is a fee to zip around the rink, lookie loo's are welcome to hang out on the festive "lodge" grounds and soak up the holiday spirit.

See 'ya there!